Why Should I Buy a Car From a Dealership?

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A car dealership is a business that sells new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. Dealerships provide warranty service, handle financing, and allow customers to shop around and test-drive different models before making a purchase decision. Read on to explore everything you need to know about buying a car from a dealership.

Why Should I Buy a Car From a Dealership?


Here are some reasons it may be helpful to buy a car from a dealership rather than from other sellers:

A Greater Selection

At Classic Toyota of Tyler, we have a huge diversity of new and used cars, trucks, hybrids, and SUVs. Plus, due to our simple online search tools and filters, it’s easy to search for the trims, features, and color choices you want.

Available Financing Programs

Dealerships have financing programs for consumers buying new or used cars. These programs can help you manage your money efficiently so you can afford the car you want. Our team at Classic Toyota wants to work with you to create a plan you can be confident about. You can even complete our credit application online to start the buying process now.

Test Drives

Sometimes it’s hard to explore a car online. Dealerships offer test drives so you can get a real feel for whether you want to make a purchase. During the process, you can also check to make sure the condition of the car is up-to-par.


Some dealerships offer a variety of specials and discounts to help customers maximize their savings on purchases. For example, Classic Toyota of Tyler provides service and parts specials like free alignment checks and discounts on wiper blades. Check online to see the current offerings.

In addition, the Military Rebate Program is our way of supporting eligible U.S. military personnel. We even have a College Graduate Rebate to congratulate recent students on their accomplishments.

Extra Perks

When you buy from a dealership, you could get a variety of perks that give you an excellent return on your investment. For example, when you purchase a Toyota and join the family, you’ll get the ToyotaCare program. This plan comes with free maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles and 24-hour roadside assistance.

What Should I Know Before Buying?

Of course, the first step to buying a car is conducting research into different vehicles and choosing the make, model, and trim you want. Once you’ve determined the kind of vehicle you want, think about the following factors:

  • The price of the car: Determine the price of the car so you can confirm it’s in your budget.
  • Whether you’re going to buy or lease: Based on your financial situation, make a decision about whether you’re going to buy or lease the vehicle.
  • Your monthly payments: Calculate your monthly payments online using Classic Toyota’s tool to make sure you can afford the car.
  • How you’re going to finance the car: Decide whether you’re going to get pre-approved financing or get financing through the dealership.
  • Your insurance: Call your insurance agent to figure out which insurance you want or add a new vehicle to your policy, as you’ll need to show proof of insurance at the dealership.

What Should I Have Ready?

Here are the things to have ready before buying a car at a dealership:

  • Your driver’s license: Bring your license to show proof of your identity, show that you’re legally allowed to drive a car, and evidence that you’re old enough to buy a car in the state.
  • Your proof of insurance card: A legal requirement, showing proof of insurance tells the dealership you’re covered in case of an accident.
  • A few recent pay stubs: Recent pay stubs provide recent employment, which is an important step in getting loans for the vehicle.
  • Some utility bills: These documents show your current proof of residence and address.
  • A valid form of payment: Whether you’re getting a car loan through the dealership or getting it from another institution, it may be necessary to make a down payment for the vehicle.
  • Discount information: If you’re expecting a deal on your purchase, bring any relevant discount paperwork to the dealership.

What Makes a Good Dealership?

When you’re trying to sell or trade in your car, purchase a new vehicle, get routine maintenance or repairs, or find parts, you’ll want a dealership you can trust. Here are some factors that make Classic Toyota of Tyler an excellent example of a good dealership:

Auto Services

Dealerships usually offer auto services and maintenance to customers. Classic Toyota of Tyler is a full-service dealership. We want to help you take care of your car regularly so you can use it for as long as possible.


The professionals at the Collision and Body Shop of Classic Toyota of Tyler are factory trained. They also hold ASE certifications, which are credentials from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. These qualifications prove our team members have undergone official training and education in the field, passed various tests, and gained technical knowledge and expertise in automotive maintenance and repair.

Good Customer Service

When you go to a dealership, you probably want to feel welcome. Customer service is a key element of any dealership or auto shop. Our team at Classic Toyota of Tyler wants to provide amazing customer service so you can have a positive experience at our dealership.

Genuine Parts

Dealerships often have genuine auto parts for your vehicle. Authentic auto components are made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and fit right into your vehicle. In contrast to aftermarket options, these parts can maximize the performance and efficiency of your car.

What Makes Classic Toyota of Tyler Your Preferred Toyota Dealer?

Since 1994, Classic Toyota of Tyler has been proudly serving drivers in Tyler, Texas, and surrounding areas. We cater to Toyota drivers and owners of many other types of vehicles. At our dealership, our priority is to provide every visitor with top-notch customer service. We also provide financing programs, as we want to help you get your dream car without breaking the bank.

Check out our trade-in program to determine if you want to trade in your current vehicle for a newer model. You can use our online tool to value your trade with ease. We also have a state-of-the-art auto shop facility so we can meet all your maintenance and repair needs right away. If you have any questions about everything we offer, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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