Romantic Restaurants in Tyler, TX

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For the perfect romantic night out, Tyler has a rich selection of upscale restaurants to suit any appetite. From Mediterranean to Mexican fusion and from starlit evenings on vineyard patios to intimate nights listening to some excellent local bands, you can find it all within a short drive. Here, we at Classic Toyota take you through a collection of some of Tyler’s best restaurants to spark some romantic date night ideas.

The Restaurant at Kiepersol

For all kinds of delicious food, from the Department of Agriculture Prime Steaks to the freshest seafood, the Kiepersol restaurant at 21508 Merlot Lane in Tyler is undoubtedly worth your attention. Try one of their outstanding specialties. For example, their duck “cigars,” or fried wraps filled with shredded duck, cilantro, and relish served with plum sauce, are of particular note. They also offer some mouthwatering Colorado lamb chops and lobster bisque that are certainly worth a try.

However, it’s not only about the food. Kiepersol is more than just a restaurant and makes its own wine, so it is the perfect place to combine a night out with a wine-tasting experience. The setting is beautiful, with an outdoor patio overlooking the vineyard. They offer wine tours, and a great idea would be to book some tastings for different groups of wines. While this is a perfect setting for summer evenings, don’t ignore the potential for a cozy night with luxurious interior decor.

Villa Montez

Villa Montez can give you a dining experience you’ll never forget, offering the best from Latin kitchens since 2007. This restaurant has a Mexican fusion approach to cooking, so it’s an excellent place to try some of your old favorites mixed in with some newer innovations. With an herb garden on the property and beef from a local supplier, this is also the perfect place to sample the finest quality dishes with the taste of Tyler. It’s best to think of Villa Montez as family cooking with a twist.

The setting of Villa Montez establishes it as the perfect location for a romantic night out. Located on Old Henderson Highway, the restaurant is set back from the road and built on a hill overlooking Tyler, and the building still retains much of its historic beauty and style. This allows you to appreciate the old-school architecture and the intimacy of the setting, with private rooms upstairs that offer a romantic dining experience. So are you interested in trying new things and having a dining experience slightly outside the box? If so, this is the place for you.

Bernard’s Mediterranean Cuisine

Many consider Mediterranean food the most romantic of all cuisines, and there are few places in the Tyler area where you can enjoy this more than at Bernard’s. With a rich selection of seafood, including some remarkable crab cakes, this restaurant comes highly recommended by all who visit. The adventurous among you can experience the escargot, while the range of pasta dishes, chicken options, and steaks will satisfy pretty much any appetite. You can experience foods from numerous parts of the Mediterranean, all drawn together with an emphasis on quality, style, and taste.

Bernard’s is a family-owned business situated in the heart of Tyler. It’s also one of the key locations where you can experience a fine dining experience in smart but comfortable surroundings. Service is attentive without being intrusive, and staff can provide helpful tips on wine pairings or even take you through each dish’s history. It’s one to recommend if you like to broaden your cultural experiences together by tasting and comparing different flavors from around the world.


An old stalwart of Tyler, Dakota’s is an all-American steakhouse open for lunch, dinner, and late-night drinks. It’s the place to go for practically anything, from a snack to a full-course meal. As the menu includes fillet mignon, ribeye, New York strip, and Texas wagyu, they can deliver any steak you have a taste for. A selection of salads and lighter options, such as seafood, help complete the menu. Try the grilled shrimp for a taste sensation that is out of this world. This is fine dining at its best.

Dakota’s restaurant prides itself on old-fashioned Texan hospitality while ensuring that the setting still includes a sense of romance and elegance. The discreet lighting and plush red covers will provide a refined environment where you can enjoy each other’s company while sampling the best of the menu. There’s a great selection of wines and beers to ensure that you can appreciate all the best pairings available, and knowledgeable staff are on hand to give you hints and tips should you need them. This is the restaurant to appreciate a dependable and relaxing environment.

Lago del Pino

Offering perhaps the most romantic location of all the restaurants suggested here, Lago del Pino is set in a beautiful location on the edge of Lost Pine Lake. Facing westward, this restaurant guarantees a beautifully romantic sunset to experience in summer. Its signature dishes include a delectable chili-lime chicken, and they make a mean carne asada. Spicy enchiladas and a range of unique salads can give you a good variety of options to suit all tastes and dietary restrictions.

This restaurant also provides a wonderfully lively environment, with live music on the patio on Friday and Saturday nights. The music varies from pop to soft rock, jazz, and soul, so there’s something in it for everyone. This is the restaurant to go to for a long night out, to enjoy the lakeside location, appreciate the music, and tantalize your taste buds.

Romantic Dining Options in Tyler

These aren’t all the options available for fine dining in Tyler by any means, but most people’s top lists will include a few of these, and they come highly recommended. Remember, you don’t need to venture far afield to enjoy upscale dining, and Tyler has what it takes as far as food, service, and atmosphere to ensure that you can focus on the best part of date night — the pleasure of each other’s company. Do you have a favorite romantic spot we didn’t list here? Contact us so we can add it to our next list.


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