5 Amazing Fall Events to Attend in Tyler, TX

August 31st, 2023 by

Fall is a remarkable season that comes with cool weather and season-changing colors, making it one of the most beautiful and fun times of the year. In Tyler, Texas, there are plenty of activities to do to fully enjoy this season. What better way to kick off the season than attending some exciting fall events? In this blog, we’ll share five fall events that you don’t want to miss while you’re in Tyler, Texas. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these events offer an excellent opportunity to explore the city’s culture and make some beautiful memories.

East Texas State Fair

The East Texas State Fair, taking place from September 22nd to October 1st, attracts people both within and outside of Tyler. The event showcases concerts, exhibits, livestock shows, and various rides. The fair takes place at the East Texas State Fairgrounds on Front St. near Rose Stadium. Don’t forget to attend the fair’s famous food stalls serving deep-fried treats such as Oreos, funnel cakes, and other carnival favorites.

Texas Rose Festival

The Tyler Rose Festival is a beloved event among Tyler’s residents, and it takes place from October 19th to the 22nd. This event celebrates the beauty of the city’s roses, and local rose growers exhibit their stunning creations at the Rose Garden. The festival hosts various activities, including pageants, parades, and concerts. You can also enjoy the food vendors and explore the Rose Garden’s beauty.

The Great Texas Balloon Race

The Great Texas Balloon Race is one of the most exciting events to attend in the fall. This popular event takes place from in June or July, where hot air balloons from all over the US compete. This event takes place at the East Texas Airport and is a great opportunity to witness a fantastic balloon glow and a night-light balloon parade. Book early; you will need a ticket to get in due to strict attendance limits. Also, be sure to check out their website since the dates change each year. 

Old Fiddlers Reunion

Experience an authentic southern heritage by attending the Athens Fiddlers Fest. The event takes place in nearby Athens, TX. The festival showcases performances from various local bands and traditional Texas fiddlers. In addition, there are various booths that sell traditional Southern food and craft items such as pottery and hand-woven baskets. The activities at this festival are suitable for all ages, especially those who love country music and Southern comfort food.

Fall in Tyler

Fall is an excellent season to participate in festivals and events, and Tyler, Texas, has it all. From the Tyler Rose Festival to the East Texas State Fair, there’s an experience for everyone. These fall events offer a terrific opportunity for friends and families to bond, have fun and create unforgettable memories together. Get out and explore Tyler, Texas, this fall, and attend these fall events to make your fall season in East Texas unforgettable. And if you’re looking for the perfect vehicle to take you on your fall adventures, be sure to check out Classic Toyota of Tyler. We have a wide selection of vehicles that are perfect for any outdoor adventure.


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